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  1. Thanks Mark, Cant wait for the next event like this! To all the Naysayers who don’t believe in this kind of thing, the Cabal, Elite, or whatever name you chose to give them certainly do believe in it and have ensured that we the people have been doing it at their bidding for around the last 100 years. Consider the Minutes Silence every year at the 11th Hour, of the 11th Day, of the 11th Month. The real meaning behind that, I feel is not to remember those that died in various conflicts as we are told, but rather to give a massive, focus of Millions of people on their intentions for the outcome of their planned wars. Also look at the wording on typical war memorials terms such as ‘Our Glorious Dead’ and the ‘Ultimate Sacrifice’ World wars change worlds and change society forever!

  2. Thanks for this. I find it a love and empowering filled idea. Everything has the energy we imbue it with. it’s our consciousness and intention that imprints the energy frequency. People have to discern for themselves and I get the fear and someone paranoia as we’re discovering how manipulated we’ve been for so long by so many. Sylvie Olivier of Golden Heart Wisdom is all about neutralizing anything rather than being caught in polarized reactions which just keep reactions going on. So I invite people to place their hands on their heart centers, skin to skin, breath and ask if this is right for you at this time. Your body and emotions know and will tell you. Our hearts are so amazing, conduits of love and light from God, the Universe, Nature, whatever you believe our Hearts are this powerful we can shine light on and through anything and purify it. Love

  3. I felt a whoosh of Light energy about 5 mins into the meditation – or it could have been 6 :).
    I did it for 20 minutes, and it gave me a sense of peace all evening.
    Thank you Mark, I will defo do 7.7, and 8.8 if necessary.


  4. Great work Mark I love your channel & I stayed up till 1 AM in Perth WA to participate in the meditation 🧘‍♂️
    Any doubters should read the work by Lynne McTaggert & see what she managed to accomplish through mass meditation
    Keep up the vibe people our future depends on it
    Love from Western Australia

    1. Many thanks for your input, brother. I don’t want to overwhelm people, so I propose the next one for 7/7 – 7th July – to reclaim that number from the dark occutists also. I’ll make a video announcing it as soon as I can. I’m due to get my YouTube channel back again tomorrow after a second channel strike and another two-week ban, conveniently timed to not allow me to post any previews or reviews of the June meditation. Sad. tragic. Desperate.

  5. Hello Mark,

    the intention experiment that comes to mind for me is something I read about a few years back. I think this took place 20+ years ago, apparently at the time there was a drought in Texas and the then host of the Coast to Coast radio show Art Bell asked his large audience to focus their attention on bringing rain to Texas. If I remember correctly it rained so much that some people drowned and he stopped the experiment. Hopefully we will see some results from this, the saying ‘may the force be with you’ comes to mind.

    Best wishes,


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