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This video provides a comprehensive overview of many aspects of what’s known as ‘Predictive Programming’ in the years and decades leading up to that fateful day of 11th September 2001, and considers the psychological dynamics that were at play here.

Not only do these examples show clear proof of foreknowledge of what was planned for that day – they also demonstrate proof of collusion between those controlling these popular culture institutions, and those parties which caused 9/11 to happen.

It is only when people, in their mass numbers, come to understand the way in which these concepts have been weaponised against us, that the insidious agendas of the sick, demonic psychopaths behind these outrages can be brought to an end.

This video has been designed as a wake-up guide for those new to questioning the real truth of the world. Please share with any friend, family member or associate that you feel would benefit from watching it.

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