I’ve compiled this composite of excerpts from Max Igan’s last two radio shows concerning the incoming Smart Grid/ AI/ Transhumanist reality. To my mind, the greatest threat facing the future of humanity is this insanity being allowed to continue unchecked, and Max is spot-on in his assessment and expression of the problem. This is designed to completely cut the next generation – our children – off from their true spiritual nature and to have them living in a artiificial, fabricated reality… and it’s coming in fast. It’s the one that crept in the back door while no-one was paying attention.

Mainly, this nightmare is unfolding so rapidly because of people’s co-operation and acceptance of the Smart technology, which is slowly getting normalised through the ‘convenience’ aspect. We’ve been coerced into accepting all this stuff on the grounds it makes our busy lives so much more convenient. People really need to think about how they’re participating in the normalisation through using things like Smart phones, Smart TVs, Smart meters, GPS and sat-navs and Apps for everything under the sun. Those with kids particularly need to pay attention, as the hellish world they’ll have to grow up in if the madness continues will barely be worth living, and it’s up to our generation to decide which way it will go.

I realise this will be unwelcome and controversial for many, but if those of us who know better don’t take responsibility and start saying no to our own technological enslavement, how will the next generation judge us?

Please take a listen and consider Max’s points.


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