The universal, eternal concepts of Astro-theology and The Holy Science get thoroughly examined this time around, as Mark Devlin is joined by scholar, researcher, radio show host and public speaker Santos Bonacci. 

Santos starts off by recapping on his clash last year with the Australian “legal” system, and reinforces how the entire Establishment is steeped in illusion to deceive us into compliance, rather than drawing its legitimacy from genuine truth. 

We get on to The Holy Science, an area in which Santos has become one of the leading authorities. The principle here is that we are in the universe, and the universe is in us. Humans are fractal expressions of wider creation, and this can be seen in the anatomy of the human body. Santos points out how this can be divided into twelve parts, with each corresponding to one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac. 

He also uncovers the real meaning of the concept of ‘Christ consciousness’ within the human body, and how this has been one of the most suppressed esoteric teachings of all. We reflect on the many religious belief systems and spiritual teachings through the ages, and how they may all be hinting at the same universal truths, dressed up in a multitude of different ways.

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Our Volume 60 instalment is all about the massive Free Your Mind 3 Conference in Philadelphia, now only a month away. Mark Devlin talks with co-organiser Bob Tuskin about this three-day event encompassing all aspects of human consciousness, mind control, the occult, human freedom, spirituality and all points in between. 

Bob runs through some of the speakers scheduled to appear, representing some of the most prolific researchers in their fields. He also unveils some details of what his own presentation at the event will about. We talk about the value of not just listening to the information, but of being a part of the event in-person, synching vibrations with like-minded people, and the opportunities for networking and building friendships. Among features of FYM3 are the open mic evenings where members of the audience can take to the stage to speak their piece, and the speaker meet-and-greet sessions. 

For anyone who can attend, the organisers have kindly created a discount code exclusive to Good Vibrations listeners, getting them $10 off the price of each ticket until 31st March. Just enter the code ‘GV’ at checkout when booking on

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Keith Twidale is the frontman of the British group Plumb Jam. He joins us to talk about setting up the group to put out his own personal brand of ‘truth’ music, and the stunning impact that a well-judged three-minute song can have in getting a message into peoples’ minds. 

Keith shares some details of his ‘awakening’ to many truths of what’s happening in the world, and the challenges that come from operating in regular walks of life with this kind of expanded viewpoint. We discuss the tribal nature of the so-called ‘truth movement’, with many allying themselves to what amount to sects, dismissing those whose viewpoints may differ in any way from theirs. Clearly, many of those who consider themselves ‘awake’ are prone to all the same primal instincts and idiosyncracies as the rest of the population. We also share some reflections on the grave disappointment that was The People’s Voice TV project, and reflect on its catastrophic failings.

Going back to the music, Keith talks about some of his influences and the cathartic process of putting his thoughts and concerns into songs.
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Rejoining us for this instalment is previous guest Sonia Barrett, a US researcher, author, public speaker and filmmaker, who’s just released her documentary ‘The Business Of Disease’. 

We talk about the film’s subject matter – how people getting ill and seeking treatment from the pharmacuetical corporations has become a hugely profitable industry, with vested interests for so many. We contrast people’s instinctive reliance on their doctors to help them, with the need for individuals to take personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing as just one way of unplugging from the human control system. 

Sonia gets into the cures for all ailments that nature provides in the form of plants and other substances, and the war on the human immune system that’s being waged in the form of the many toxins and pollutants which daily life now exposes us to. Despite this, humanity still shows its resilience in being able to break through and attain higher forms of consciousness when the will to do so is there.

We finish by speculating on some of the symbolism behind the caduceus, the international symbol for human health, and some of the 
structures that are starting to pop up in UK city centres, and reflect on the current, conveniently-timed Ebola outbreak.

More about the documentary, including options to stage local screenings, can be found at:
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For this edition, Mark Devlin travels to Montenegro to meet with conscious hip-hop artist Disl Automatic. 

Disl recounts his early days growing up in a tough neighbourhood of Chicago, and the inspiration his surroundings provided towards honing his sharp lyrical skills. After a few of the hard knocks that come with the territory, he moved to his parents’ homeland of Montenegro, and in 2010, had a conscious awakening to truth.

At this point, Disl said he realised his rapping skills were the gift that he was obliged to use to help communicate the truths he had come to understand to others, and that finding some way to do this is a responsibility that falls on all who come to raise their awareness in this way.

The conversation covers many topics, including the issue of self-improvement, and the recognition that none of us can expect to be perfect and flawless, in the way we might sometimes feel pressured to be. Flaws are a part of human nature, he observes, and we shouldn’t hate ourselves for having them, just so long as the will is there to constantly work on improvement.

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For our 50th instalment, Mark Devlin re-connects with Tony Kilvert, aka Tony Z, of We start by discussing the ‘war on truth’ that the control system seems to be intent on applying. This incorporates David Cameron’s recent speech at the UN where he declared that ‘non-violent extremists’ (translation: anyone who sees through the lies of the government and calls them out on it) are now to be regarded as being as dangerous as terrorists. This was further reinforced by comments from Home Secretary Teresa May, with threats of shutting down the web pages of those deemed ‘extremists’. 

It also comes in the wake of the witchhunt against those who have been calling out Kate & Gerry McCann as being somehow implicated in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, and the suspicious death of so-called ‘troll’ Brenda Leyland as a result. We discuss what implications these measures might have for freedom of expression, what’s led to the sudden attention towards alternative researchers, and whether such a clampdown is at all practical, or if instead the controllers are relying on intimidating people into censoring themselves.
The conversation heads in many different directions, also incorporating such subjects as the suppression of free energy, anti-gravity and zero point energy technologies, legal fiction, the nature of reality, the power of intent and consciousness, mind control and activism. Tony concludes with some reassurance concerning the current fears of a nuclear World War 3 and the Ebola hype.

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