For this instalment, we get into the areas of Satanic Ritual Abuse and trauma-based mind control – dark and unsettling topics, for sure, but ones that can’t be avoided by any truth seeker who honestly wants to get a grasp on what’s really going on on this planet, and has been for far too long. 

Jay Parker was born into a multi-generational Satanic/ Illuminati family in America, and received SRA and mind control programming at the hands of his parents as a child, and into his adult life. He shares some of his early memories, and gives some background as to why the ‘elite’ bloodline families inflict these horrors on their own, and on the effect they have on the developing mind and consciousness of the child.

Having broken free of his programming in 2001, Jay now works with other SRA survivors on counselling and rehabilitation methods. He also speaks publicly to expose the sick, depraved nature of the Illuminati controllers. Despite the hold they have over humanity, he states, their power can be overcome if people want it enough.
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** Contains explicit language**

The dark side of the music business comes under scrutiny again as British artist manager, producer, and all-round industry veteran Mike Angel guests. Mike shares some of his personal experiences with demonology and the dark occult, and touches on the part it has always played in the entertainment business. 

He goes on to disagree with the findings of many current researchers, however, (myself included), including the idea that artists such as Jay-Z place occult symbols into videos and live shows under instruction from their Satanic paymasters, and the suggestion that many A-list artists have been subjected to mind control techniques. In Mike’s estimation, the corporate industry machine is motivated by pure greed, and much of what gets interpreted as occult symbolism is cynically placed there to generate controversy, attention, and ultimately profit. He also argues that much of the erratic and bizarre behaviour of A-list artists may not be the result of mind control abuse, but is simply the inevitable result of a lifetime lived in the public spotlight, and all the pressures and restrictions on personal freedom that come with it.

This is not to say that occult practices aren’t present in the industry however, he suggests – including blood sacrifices – and to write these off as pure ‘conspiracy theory’ is to be naive. We speculate on how many artists who discover the true nature of what they’ve got involved with when signing a pact with the industry, wish they could go back to a life of obscurity and freedom. They never can, because once you sign up, you sign up for life.

Mike addresses the incredible fascination that Alesteir Crowley and organisations such as the OTO have held for so many artists through the ages, including the late Peaches Geldof, and we finish by discussing the influence of another notorious occultist, Kenneth Anger, on the careers of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.

Other specific artists discussed include Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Jimmy Page.

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Here’s my full two-part presentation on – broadly – the mind control manipulations of the Satanic Illuminati music industry, as delivered at Truth Juice in Birmingham, England, in October 2013. 

This talk builds considerably on the Changing Times one from earlier in the year, with new information and images on many aspects, encompassing occult symbolism in videos and record sleeves, mind-controlled artists, dissociative identities, ritual sacrifices, possession, subliminal messages, backmasking, the Transhumanism agenda, predictive programming and much more. Plus the odd joke.

Part 1:

Part 2:
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In one of the most fascinating music-related chats so far, Mark Devlin talks to Matt Sergiou, who runs the blog site Conspiro Media, consisting of many heavily-researched articles on the Hidden Hand in entertainment media. We go back to the early days of the pop charts to discuss the influence of Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Matt goes into great detail regarding the possible mind control of John Lennon, his unconventional relationships with Yoko Ono and Mai Pang, and the strange business of the ‘Paul is dead’ conspiracy theory. 

We also address many of the prominent record labels of those early days having links to military and government research activity. Matt examines the role of Dr. Timothy Leary, the ‘father of LSD’ and other social engineers, in moulding the minds of young people. He concludes with the subject of ‘backmasking’, or the placing of backwards subliminal messages into recordings. 

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