I’ve just sent off to have a batch of flyers printed from the attached. It’s a list of resources that can be handed out to people you engage in conversation with, or left/ posted up in prominent places. Anyone is free to download the pdf from the attached link for their own use.

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  1. About 20 minutes ago, after watching several of your recent podcasts, I told my boyfriend that I must do SOMETHING to spread awareness. Wasn't sure exactly what my first step would be but now, with the amount of crucial information I've acquired, I feel as though I am held accountable and that I have no choice but to spread this knowledge to as many folks as I can. Sitting here wracking my brain with how to get started, I decided to check out your page and lo and behold, I found your Resources PDF. What a relief to know that I can start my quest immediately. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the work that you do and for providing the means for me to accomplish my desire to wake up the masses!!!

  2. Hi Mark, great to find someone in UK putting out great info. Tried to download the .pdf but it fails. Might be me but can you have a look and fix please?