If the three days’ worth of information I’ve just witnessed at the Free Your Mind 4 conference were broadcast worldwide on mainstream TV, the human population would be talking about nothing else the next day, and the world would literally change overnight.

The over-riding theme of all the speakers’ talks on human consciousness, mass mind control and the subversive influences of the dark occult, was how the power to change the current system of mental, physical and spiritual slavery into one of true freedom, lies with us ourselves, and no-one else. It always has, and it can happen ANY time we collectively will it into place through our consciousness, whether next Tuesday or in 1,000 years. The end of all the death, destruction, suffering and mayhem is literally right there for the taking ANY moment we want it enough in our mass numbers. Getting this understanding across to the mind-controlled, TV-watching, McDonalds-consuming masses and waking them up from their induced trances remains the great work that all who come to an understanding of truth have an obligation to communicate, therefore, because until they get with the programme, expect more of the same. Every speaker made this point, because it’s the truth of this reality in which we find ourselves.

An awesome gathering of minds and souls drew to a close on Sunday, with Jeanice Barcelo delivering another emotionally devastating, but essential presentation, Jim Marrs and Max Igan among the many others imparting resonant words of wisdom, and Mark Passio rounding off in characteristically hard-hitting form. The three days zipped by in a flash, and many new friendships were made. Events such as this should be happening in every country around the world.

Big respect to all my brothers and sisters who attended, and special props to Bob Tuskin and John Vibes for all the hard work in organising and hosting. It was awesome!

You can see my full set of pictures from the event right here.

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