WE, collectively, hold the power to determine when we get our Freedoms back, NOT Boris Johnson or those demons in the shadows who tell him what to say. 

Mass non-compliance with tyranny would see the nightmare Dystopia that we all face put down overnight. Yet humanity as a whole STILL doesn’t seem to have learned this most basic of lessons, and is insisting on going through the maximum pain and suffering on the road to learning it. The Universe is facilitating this since that’s how Natural Law and Consequentialism work on a societal basis.

In the meantime, the daily struggle for the rest of us who DO recognise inherent Rights and Freedoms, continues.

Covid Comedy skit: “Freedom Day”?? You suckers!!


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  1. Mark, Katie Hopkins has just called Booris a walking bag of custard. There is a toss up between Boris the absolute goof and Trudeau the absolute lying narcissist sockboy. I live under the latter….sigh. Despised by most everyone here, except the “new People” who continue to flock over the border and of course, the staunch liberal nutbars of which there are many.

    I listen to you all the time and continue to appreciate your candor. Thank you from way over here!

    PS. Watching a few videos back, I too want to know why you have so many U2 albums in you library!

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