As the inconsistencies and contradictions of the COVID saga continue on, it remains rewarding to look instead at what’s going on under the cover of it. While many more covert events have been taking place, this week, two broke the surface into the mainstream with the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein mistress Ghislaine Maxwell, and – incredibly – coverage of the unbelievably sick Adrenochrome industry on mainstream TV in Europe. The pace is really picking up now.
Turkish National Television – Adrenochrome – English Translation
ADRENOCHROME on National Mainstream Television in Bulgaria
Adrenochrome; The Ultimate Movie Reference Compilation:
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  1. Thank you Mark. You are so easy to listen to, and the minutes fly by so quickly on your videos because your delivery is so smooth and organized. You are so on target with your information. There is no way to bring attention to these truths other than to just say it. Can't be covered up any longer. Q says they will fight, but we are ready.

  2. Hi Mark. Thank you as always for your work and contribution to awakening. Something I’ve been wondering about is how actors and musicians are able to produce great art while knowing how adrenochrome is obtained. I can better conceive of how politicians and non-artists can get by in denial. But from experience I know that acting requires (for me) the ability to be totally emotionally available and vulnerable to whatever moves through me as my character. I imagine music is similar but I’m not a musician. How can artists make art knowing how adrenochrome is obtained? Is the cognitive dissonance that deep? Do they take amnesia pills with it? Can you speak to this?
    Thank you!
    Lauren (Denver CO)