Listen to “GVP #124 – Mark Passio – The Occult Season of Sacrifice” on Spreaker.

Teacher of Streetwise Spirituality Mark Passio, returns to the series for a topical and far-reaching chat about the time period we currently find ourselves in. The 40 days from 22nd March, (3/22,) through to 1st May, is hugely significant to the occult belief system of the world’s self-appointed controllers. Mark breaks down the symbology surrounding this period, how it is connected with the concept of sacrifice, and why it was no surprise that Britain and America launched its military strikes against Syria when it did. This move was in fact farcically predictable.

The conversation moves on to gun control issues, and the difference in mindset between Americans and their long-since disarmed European cousins when it comes to the inherent right to bear arms as a method of self defence against aggressors. This is not a right that can be granted by government; it exists as a birthright in creation to everyone in the world.

We finish on what will be uncomfortable territory for many, (Mark’s catchphrase isn’t ‘get as offended as you like’ for nothing,) as we discuss Carnism – the eating of animal flesh, as a tenet of Satanism, making the important point that the Non-Aggression Principle in Natural Law – ‘do not treat others in a way you would not wish to be treated yourself’ – applies to other sentient beings as well as to other humans. The billions of animals going horrifically and unnecessarily to slaughter every year, is yet more blood sacrifice to the occult controllers. Along the way, we dispel a few of the comments, (excuses) that ALWAYS get made during a discussion of this kind.

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