How much would I love NOT to have to put out episodes like this? But for as long as the threats and dangers remain, it continues needing to be done. Here we go again…


And today’s particular threat to human health and wellbeing coming to a town near you soon is … the imminent rollout of 5G communications technology across the UK and other nations. (Don’t worry – there’ll be another one along tomorrow.)

Joining the show is Mark Steele, a businessman-turned anti-5G activist in his hometown of Gateshead in the North-East of England. Mark is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the town’s council after he went public with his concerns at how the test transmissions of 5G technology there have allegedly been responsible for a swathe of health defects among the population, including stillbirths, nosebleeds and sleep disruption. 
Mark outlines why this radiation-drenched technology is such bad news for the health of both humans and other species, notably insects, whose numbers have been falling off. The installation of the antenna network that will be needed is resulting in the cutting down of thousands of trees, and the long-term plan is for this to be the case in all regions, not just the ones affected so far.

Mark points out that the time for action and resistance is now, as everyone and their families stands to be affected by this scheme if it’s not stopped in its tracks, and if basic conscience and right action is not put into place.

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