Peru-based lifelong spiritual seeker and author Sergey Baranov guests, as we discuss his newest book, ‘The Mescaline Confession,’ and get into the whole subject of plant medicines, or Entheogens/ Psychedelics as they’re frequently called. Sergey emphasises the world of difference between these compounds being taken recreationally, (for “shits and giggles”,) versus using them to go deep inside ourselves and experience our connectedness to nature and ‘God’ from an higher perspective. 
Just as psychedelics, (and we get into defining some of these terms,) can be used for upliftment, so the opposite is true, and great harm can be done to a society if the intent of those pushing them is not benevolent, (when is it ever?) This leads us on to the weaponisation of mind-altering substances at the hands of the military “intelligence” services, which happened with LSD in the 1960s, and most likely with MDMA/ Ecstasy a generation later, and we acknowledge some of the pitfalls of this process.
Sergey ends on an extended passionate rant about the madness of the AI-dominated society into which we’ve been rapidly thrust, against our consent. This stands for everything that is anti-human and anti-Creation, he asserts; at what point will enough people start realising this and begin rejecting everything that’s being so seductively presented to us, but which is actually bringing about our own doom?

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