Never mind Rose/ Icke, this might turn out to be the most talked-about interview of the whole ‘Coronavirus’ period, as Charlie Freak and his wife Colleen guest for almost three hours, walking us through multiple aspects of ‘The Q Plan’ which, they maintain, is being rolled out day by day under the smokescreen of the “pandemic.”
As listeners will hear, I begin the show by stating that this is far from the first time that we have been told that a secretive group is working to dismantle the Deep State from the inside and make “mass arrests” of paedophiles and murderers, and as such, I’ve been sceptical of the ‘Q’ narrative, suspecting it be just another psy-op. 
This time is different though, Charlie and Colleen state, since they have been in contact with the group which is working with both the individual known as Q, and President Donald Trump. As implausible as it may at first sound, my guests make some very compelling points and join many dots to make sense of some otherwise confusing events. They also reveal who they believe Q to be. I, and everyone else, should suspend their scepticism, they say, since the Plan has already revealed itself through some key events, and there will be many more to come in the hugely eventful weeks and months ahead.
(Please be advised that this podcast contains some material that some may find extremely distressing.)
I have always found great value in Charlie and Colleen’s material. I’ve only ever known them to be well-meaning, selfless individuals who wish to serve Creation, and I’ve only ever known them to speak empowering, eternal truths. So I was very happy to give a platform for them to say their piece. If they’re correct. humanity’s worst imaginable nightmare has just been turned into its greatest dream, and I’ll be only too delighted to admit that I’d called it all wrong!

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  1. Thanks Mark, and Charlie and Colleen for a very enlightening and hopeful podcast. I don't know if anyone noticed but Obama never looked forward when making his speeches, always from side to side? Just saying!

  2. I got a lot of valuable information from this podcast, thank you.
    Question: why is there looping in the episode? Clearly parts have been spliced in and repeated.
    This is the first podcast I’ve heard of yours on the recommendation of a friend. Do you do this with all your episodes?