Researcher, radio host and activist Max Igan joins Mark Devlin for this instalment, talking from Queensland, Australia. A former musician, Max now runs the Crowhouse website, a portal for all kinds of empowering information. 

He discusses the process of ‘unplugging from the matrix’ and recognising your true status as a sovereign spirit-soul, and puts this into the context of corporation governments treating humans as state property and collateral. Max explains the difference between Maritime Law, the basis of the West’s legal system, and Common Law, or ‘law of the land. We also discuss ‘legalese’ and the use of words to literally place ‘spells’ on their users. 

Other subjects include the law of cause and effect, synchronicity and the human ability to create by experiencing. We finish with Max’s reaction to his ‘hater’, one Dallas Goldbug, who embarked on a campaign to discredit him earlier in the year. 

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