Alternative researcher Chris Spivey joins us for another Good Vibrations and some more direct talk, on this occasion, addressing institutionalised paedophilia and sexual corruption within all levels of The British Establishment. 

We begin by talking about one of his blog articles which goes way beyond now-familiar names like Rolf Harris and William Roache, to examine how far sexual deviancy is entrenched within the entertainment world. This can be followed upstream into Parliament, Chris says, and all the way to the Royal Family, whose history is steeped in paedophilia and child abuse. We question how it is that so many apparent ‘pillars of society’ turn out to be compromised in this way, with the suggestion that corruption and the capacity for blackmail is the basis on which our current sick institutions are founded. Chris speculates that the time surely can’t be far off when the veil is lifted on the whole grotesque system, and the British public is forced to overcome its denial and come to terms with the sordid truth.

We finish by discussing the recent death of ‘Lord’ McAlpine, and the low-profile way in which it has been reported, in contrast to the loud fiasco concerning his alleged ‘outing’ as a paedophile. Other names discussed include Jimmy Savile, Simon Cowell, Jonathan King, Tony and Cherie Blair, Gordon and Sarah Brown, Margaret Thatcher, William Hague and Ffion, Ian Duncan Smith, Leon Brittan and Barack and Michelle Obama.

Chris’ previous volume, in which he blows apart the official version of the Lee Rigby/ Woolwich incident and demonstrates how it was in fact a false flag hoax, can be listened to here.

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