The fascinating subject area of synchronicity and number ‘coincidences’ are the subject of this volume, as Mark Devlin chats with Canadian author and researcher Mark Grant. Following a profound experience in 1982, Mark has devoted the past 30-plus years to examining the phenomenon of synchronicity, and considering the possible causal factors behind it.

Mark’s book, which has just reached its third edition, is entitled ‘A Tale Of Two Synchronicities’, and refers to what he calls micronicities and macronicities. The first are events which have meaning and significance on a personal basis; the latter are events which hold relevance to large groups of people on a collective basis, and he gives examples of each. On the subject of numbers, Mark relates the influence of ‘the fours’ in his own life, and how 44 and various derivatives of it, have featured. We then get into some examples of synchronicity at work in the public domain and in popular culture which listeners will be able to relate to.

(A word of acknowledgement has to go towards the appalling sound quality of the interview, which was down to an outrageously bad Skype connection which didn’t get any better despite multiple attempts. We’re well aware that it sounds awful. Hopefully, the quality of the information contained, however, will outweigh the problems!)

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