Tony Kilvert, also known as Tony Z, runs the website, and is also a radio host, researcher and activist. Here, in the first of what will be a two-part GV conversation, he talks with Mark Devlin about a wide range of subjects related to humanity’s true nature, and our potential to unplug from the control system that has covertly enslaved us for so long. 

Tony begins by recounting his discoveries on the abundance of natural free energy, and how this first alerted him to the fact that something was very wrong with the world. We get into the area of Natural Law and human free will, and the idea that the world’s ‘elites’ only have any kind of control over us because of our tacit approval through not asserting our own power. 

The conversation touches on subjects such as personal sovereignty, word ‘magic’, reincarnation, the Akashic Records, parallel universes, the science of sound, and Admiralty Law versus Common Law. Tony ends by offering practical solutions that each and every person can apply to help bring the current control system to an end.

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