American poet, lifelong language student and creator of WordMagic Global Laurel Airica joins us to talk about etymology, and the idea that words carry magic power. With everything made up of light and sound energy resonating at different vibrations, we question the power that spoken words can have in manifesting reality. They literally create ‘spells’. The English language is full of words with double meanings, Laurel notes, and this goes far beyond coincidence. Either the original architects of our language structured it this way, or other synchronistic forces beyond human input are at work. She suspects a little of both.

Laurel shares a couple of poems to make the point, and we observe the large number of terms in the legal profession that relate to speech, as well as the double-speak of Legalese in Maritime Law. We also talk about the components of the actual alphabet itself.

Laurel Airica Mark Devlin Good Vibrations podcast truth consciousness energy etymology word spells spirituality nature of reality

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