Irish author, researcher, musician, activist and satirist Thomas Sheridan is Mark Devlin’s guest this time round, as we take a timely look at all the in-fighting, finger-pointing, and general lack of unity that is coming to permeate the ‘truth movement’. Thomas gives his take on some of the problems, including the tiresome and predictable move of certain individuals branding anyone who doesn’t share their opinion as a ‘shill’ or ‘disinfo agent.’ Two aspects of the alternative research scene that have certainly polarised opinion this year, namely The People’s Voice and Russell Brand, get addressed, and Thomas adds his views on the self-appointed ‘alternative elite’.

We go on to talk about the parliamentary paedophile scandal slowly getting unveiled in the UK, and Thomas asserts that the nation will never again get such a golden opportunity to lift the lid on the sick and diseased nature of the Establishment, and that this needs to be our moment, similar to the way Ireland negated the power of the Catholic Church following all the sordid revelations from that particular institution.

We wrap up by examining the place of sardonic humour and satire in truth and conspiracy issues, with Thomas concurring that well-placed humour, like music, succeeds in making truthful points way more successfully than hard information. Sometimes the world becomes so ridiculous that the only appropriate way to respond is to laugh at it.

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