(The interview emerged with a persistent background crackle which was not audible during the time of recording. If anyone out there is able to clean up the audio to lose the buzz, therefore, but retain the voices, their assistance would be very much appreciated!)

British researcher and journalist Chris Spivey returns for his third Good Vibrations appearance. In recent months, Chris has built up a monumental following off the back of his articles demonstrating that the Woolwich/ Lee Rigby incident of May 2013 was a government-orchestrated hoax using actors, and cannot possibly have happened the way the mainstream media have reported it. Chris recaps on some of the main points, and on the effect his findings have had.

Specifically, he recounts the details of his recent 1.30am arrest and the intrusion upon his family at the hands of a group of heavy-handed police thugs who subsequently stole two of his computers. 

Chris goes on to expose the latest outrageous stunt staged along similar lines – the video allegedly showing the ‘beheading’ of the US journalist James Foley at the hands of ‘Islamic terrorists’ in Iraq. This, he maintains, is the latest in a long line of psy-ops involving actors that you would have to be in a heavy state of naivety or denial to not be able to see for what it is. 

A line was crossed when the police issued a warning to UK citizens that anyone watching or sharing the video could be arrested. This makes thinking for yourself now an official crime, and is a sign of where they want to take society unless we put a stop to it. Chris finishes by reflecting on how vast numbers of people are finally waking up to the realities that are staring them in the face, versus the controllers’ desperation to enforce their agenda, and offers some tips on what people can do to get involved in the process of preserving human freedom.