The story of the Titanic continues to fascinate and intrigue over 100 years on. But just as appealing as the movie-style official story are some of the alternative accounts of what really led to the fateful events of 15th April 1912. British author and researcher John Hamer joins Mark Devlin to discuss some of the findings of his recent book RMS Olympic and the novel it inspired. Central to this is the evidence that The White Star Line switched the identities of two of its ships, and that the wreck lying at the bottom of the Atlantic is actually The Olympic, while the real Titanic went on to sail for another 25 years. 

Listeners are free to draw their own conclusions from the fact that the major financier of White Star Line was the Illuminati banker JP Morgan, and that on board the fateful ship just happened to be three of the most prominent opponents to the US Federal Reserve Act which Morgan was desperate to push through. They ended up among the dead and the Fed was installed in December of the following year.

John also runs through some other anomalies, including the rescue ship California just happening to be in the right place at the right time with no passengers and a cargo of emergency supplies.