For our 50th instalment, Mark Devlin re-connects with Tony Kilvert, aka Tony Z, of We start by discussing the ‘war on truth’ that the control system seems to be intent on applying. This incorporates David Cameron’s recent speech at the UN where he declared that ‘non-violent extremists’ (translation: anyone who sees through the lies of the government and calls them out on it) are now to be regarded as being as dangerous as terrorists. This was further reinforced by comments from Home Secretary Teresa May, with threats of shutting down the web pages of those deemed ‘extremists’. 

It also comes in the wake of the witchhunt against those who have been calling out Kate & Gerry McCann as being somehow implicated in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, and the suspicious death of so-called ‘troll’ Brenda Leyland as a result. We discuss what implications these measures might have for freedom of expression, what’s led to the sudden attention towards alternative researchers, and whether such a clampdown is at all practical, or if instead the controllers are relying on intimidating people into censoring themselves.
The conversation heads in many different directions, also incorporating such subjects as the suppression of free energy, anti-gravity and zero point energy technologies, legal fiction, the nature of reality, the power of intent and consciousness, mind control and activism. Tony concludes with some reassurance concerning the current fears of a nuclear World War 3 and the Ebola hype.

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