Rejoining us for this instalment is previous guest Sonia Barrett, a US researcher, author, public speaker and filmmaker, who’s just released her documentary ‘The Business Of Disease’. 

We talk about the film’s subject matter – how people getting ill and seeking treatment from the pharmacuetical corporations has become a hugely profitable industry, with vested interests for so many. We contrast people’s instinctive reliance on their doctors to help them, with the need for individuals to take personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing as just one way of unplugging from the human control system. 

Sonia gets into the cures for all ailments that nature provides in the form of plants and other substances, and the war on the human immune system that’s being waged in the form of the many toxins and pollutants which daily life now exposes us to. Despite this, humanity still shows its resilience in being able to break through and attain higher forms of consciousness when the will to do so is there.

We finish by speculating on some of the symbolism behind the caduceus, the international symbol for human health, and some of the 
structures that are starting to pop up in UK city centres, and reflect on the current, conveniently-timed Ebola outbreak.

More about the documentary, including options to stage local screenings, can be found at:

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