In what some will doubtless consider a controversial instalment, Mark Devlin is joined by Canadian author and researcher Henry Makow.

The crux of Henry’s work in recent years has been to expose what he views as an agenda to promote feminism and homosexuality, for the purpose of destroying family values and subverting natural gender roles. This is one of many social engineering manipulations at work, and all can be traced back to the Jewish Illuminati banking cartel who control governments and media corporations.

As a Jew himself, Makow has had a special interest in researching subjects such as the claim that the Holocaust was grossly exaggerated, and that the document known as the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion was genuine, rather than the commonly-perceived fake. 

In fact, he maintains, most of those thought of in the world as ‘Jews’ descend from the ancient Kingdom of Khazar, (as does his own family bloodline,) and have no genetic links to the land of Israel. Additionally, Judaism is more of a Satanic cult steeped in the Kabbalah and the Talmud, than a religion. These are facts that the control system seeks to hide, simply branding anyone who comes close to exposing them as ‘anti-Semitic’. There are many ‘crypto-Jews’ in high corporate and political positions, he adds, who seek to keep their true identities hidden.

We talk about how our current generation is witnessing the final stages of a grand plan for human control thousands of years in the making, and what those of us who care enough about it can do.

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