Good Vibrations addresses all the big questions in life … and occasionally those that lie beyond. Guesting this time round is former US marine, author and counsellor Dannion Brinkley who shares the story of his two Near-Death Experiences. In 1975, Dannion was struck by lightning while on the telephone, and was officially pronounced dead. He describes his experience as he left his body, reluctantly returning back to it 28 minutes later. In 1989, he underwent heart surgery and left his body for a second time, undergoing similar experiences, only to return to ‘life’ again.

Brinkley explains that, far from what his Southern upbringing had led him to believe he could expect, there was no judgement on the other side. There was, however, a 360-degree holographic review of his life on earth, enabling him to re-experience it both from his own perspective, and from the point of view of others and the impact that his behaviours had had on them. 

He explains that he was met by beings of light, who gave him information on world events that would come to pass, and explained his life mission. Upon returning from his first NDE he became a hospice volunteer, and has been at the bedside of thousands preparing to pass over. Above all, he says, the message is to not be fearful of what lies beyond, but to not waste the opportunities offered by human life to make a positive difference in this world while the chance is there.

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