The largely-overlooked issue of birth trauma comes under the spotlight this edition, as independent childbirth educator and upcoming Free Your Mind 3 Conference speaker Jeanice Barcelo guests. Jeanice recounts the traumatic experience that ultra-sound scans and hospital birthing inflicts on babies, and the effects this can have on the whole of their lives to come. It’s worth noting that the infliction of trauma is the basis of well-known mind control programming such as MK-Ultra and Monarch. Induced pregnancies and caesarian sections are also unnatural ways of birthing, she points out, and corrupt the natural life plan of the child. All of this is by design, she states, by the sick minds that have corrupted all other areas of human life – why should birthing be any different?

The circumstances in which a baby is conceived will have a similar bearing on their whole life experience, Jeanice adds; there’s a world of difference in the energy frequencies present between a loving couple, and between a rapist and his victim, for instance. We also get into the horrific ritual practices of certain Jewish traditions, all designed for traumatic and damaging effect.

Because hospital births are the accepted way in society, almost all parents are unaware of the dangers they could be inflicting on their child. Home birthing is the way to go, she suggests. And, come to that, try and die at home if you can, A pharmaceutical industry-controlled hospital is not the environment to be exiting this world from, assuming you have any say in the matter!

A challenging and inspiring listen for open-minded seekers.

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