Good Vibrations goes in on what is arguably the biggest and boldest of all lies and deceptions, as we delve head-first into the highly divisive subject of the Flat Earth. Guesting is Santos Bonacci, the most high-profile of the various truth researchers to have publicly advocated the Flat Earth model. Inevitably, he has suffered abuse and ridicule for his stance, most notably from fellow ‘truth-seekers’. Santos discusses why this reflex response is a result of a lifetime of programming, and outlines the reasons why the heliocentric globe earth model just does not stand up to scrutiny when addressed with a clear and truly open mind.

He addresses some of the metaphysical stumbling blocks that many have when trying to come to terms with the Flat Earth model for the first time, explaining how phenomena such as precession, Zodiacal ages, the equinoxes, and the seasons are still possible within this model; it’s simply a case of changing perspective and re-drawing the model of where we think we live. He reflects on why it is that this revelation is gaining so much traction in these times, why it remains so aggressively resisted, and on the profound spiritual implications regarding our true state in the Universe that it brings.

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