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In what is likely to be the first in an ongoing series, Canadian-born, Mexico-based researcher and serious music fan, Charlie Freek, guests to tell us about his gargantuan undertaking by the name of Lightning in a Bottle.

This is a series of 150 e-books, each analysing what Charlie considers to be an outstanding compendium of music that has stood the test of time, and whose messages remain as relevant today as they did on day one. Such landmarks are largely the product of the 1960s and ‘70s, he observes, since beyond those times, the music corporations put a systematic stranglehold on the creativity and innovation of their artists, instead introducing bland and lifeless templates, as reflected in the distinct lack of ANY truly meaningful message music in the mainstream today.

It has to be acknowledged that recent research has shown many of the artists on the list to have dubious backgrounds and questionable associations. We acknowledge this fact, and question whether empowering music delivered by such artists is merely cynical manipulation, or whether it represented these acts imparting knowledge that they had been privy to through their affiliations, and getting away with it at a time when such stances were still allowed to be taken.

We get down to discussing six albums in detail – titles by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, the Police and Carole King.

Many message music songs of the kind discussed in this chat are available in this latest Truth Trip edition of the Sound of Freedom podcast, which can be streamed and downloaded from here:

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