Something extremely bizarre that was brought to my attention yesterday. The lyric “and I began to pray” in the second verse of ‘California Dreamin’ by The Mamas & The Papas, has now changed to “and I PRETEND to pray” in ALL on-line lyrics sites, and in ALL lyrics videos for the song.

This makes no sense as the preceding line is “I STOPPED into a church,” in the past tense. To follow this with “I PRETEND’ to pray” in the present tense is ridiculous … not to mention the fact that in the song the lyric still sounds like “I BEGAN to pray”!

Is this another so-called “Mandela Effect” … or is it part of a disturbingly insidious satanic agenda that has seen all these on-line references systematically changed – now they’ve even taken away praying from us so you can only PRETEND to do it??

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