I’ve had a batch of these ‘I Do Not Consent’ T-shirts made up, suitable for sporting at all kinds of events and situations. These represent a simple but direct statement of response to the tenets of tacit approval and presumed consent under which the “elites” arrogantly carry out so many of their activities.

By making it clear that we do not choose ANY any part in their deceptive and manipulative agendas, we are making it clear that THE ENTIRETY of the karmic judgement for their wrongdoings and violations of our Natural Law rights, falls fully on to them. No more passing the buck (as they see it) through trickery and deception. I feel this is a powerful message communicated. 

And if nothing else, the slogan will stand as as a useful conversation starter with strangers!

The shirts are available in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes, priced at £4.50 plus P&P. The lettering is printed front and back, black text on white shirt. If anyone wishes to purchase any, please inbox me, or send an e-mail to markdevlinuk@gmail.com

If, as I’ve comprehended it, the dark controllers take consent and acquiescence to be our default position unless stated otherwise … here we are stating otherwise, beyond any doubt!

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