I get many messages daily from people saying “I feel so helpless. There must be something I can do.” Well, there is.

Tomorrow, British MPs get to vote on whether to approve Johnson’s Draconian nationwide lockdown. It’s vitally important that as many of us as possible send a message to our MPs reminding them of their personal responsibility towards Right Action, and the consequences of choosing to side with Evil.

I’ve prepared the following letter, which I’ve sent to my MP, and which everyone is invited to download for themselves, personalise, and send to their own. This has to be done TODAY, by e-mail, as a matter of urgency. Please do it now if you can.

It is an anathema for me to participate in the corrupt political system in any way, and this is far from the only option available to us. But it remains an effective way for large numbers of us to send a very clear and direct message to these politicians that we KNOW, and we will REMEMBER, and we WILL hold them accountable if they betray us.

Here’s where to download the e-mail template;

And here’s where to find their contact details:


3rd November 2020



I am writing as one of your constituents on a matter of the utmost urgency and importance. I know that on Wednesday, MPs will be voting on whether or not to approve the Government’s proposal for a second nationwide ‘lockdown’, (a term, which, interestingly, originates from the prison industry,) for the next four weeks or, if the speculation of various newspapers has any value, even longer.

Please be advised that there are now a great many of the general public who realise that the entire COVID-19 debacle is a monumental scam, and that the measures that have been put in place are absolutely nothing to do with “keeping us safe” from “a virus,” but rather serve a far-reaching political agenda of absolute control and the removal of our basic rights and freedoms. There is proof and evidence of this at every turn, though naturally, the treasonous mainstream media systematically avoids such information. Please do not under-estimate the degree to which this is now understood by large numbers of people – many more with every passing day. Please do not insult your intelligence or mine by responding with official government propaganda or PR puff reinforcing the conventional “virus” narrative. It is too late in the day for this now. The lies that may have worked towards the beginning of the year are not working any longer.

More and more people are coming to a grudging acceptance of the flawed science, manipulated statistics, and all-out lies that are being told in apparent justification of the totalitarianism now being unrolled at an alarming rate.  As history has shown, when governments remove rights and freedoms, they do not simply give them back a short time later. We are heading rapidly towards a very dark and dangerous future for all of us – including you and your own family and friends – if action is not taken immediately to halt what can only be described as Tyranny.

You are hereby given notice that the “coronavirus” scam is close to being exposed for the monumental attack on freedom that it truly is. When that occurs, those who knowingly helped perpetrate the fraud will be held fully and personally accountable for the harm, damage and loss that their treachery has caused. Lawful action is already underway to hold individuals personally responsible for Treason, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity.

You have one last chance to side with what you know deep in your heart and soul to be Right Action in this regard, by voting to oppose this second lockdown. It will be noted and remembered which way each MP in the land voted. You are advised that voting for continued Tyranny and Treason will weigh heavy upon your soul, and the karmic consequences for the decision you take will follow you long after this life is complete. Some things are more important than personal salaries and careers.

I find it darkly ironic that this vote is occurring at the time of year when we traditionally acknowledge the sacrifices made by those who fought and died in war to preserve the freedoms of this land. What would these brave and selfless men make of the state of their land now, where their descendants are having their most basic rights and freedoms removed, without their consent, by their own government! All based on monumental lies and deceptions, and helped into being by the fear-based mind control and psychological manipulation of the complicit mainstream media.

The actions of the government and the devastating harm they have caused – including untold deaths from suicide brought on by the desolation of ‘lockdown’, and the avoidable deaths from cancer and other diseases that have systematically gone untreated – amount to nothing short of pure, and calculated Evil.

There are only two sides in this. I ask you to search deep within your soul and conscience and ask whether you are prepared to live with the consequences of choosing the wrong side tomorrow.


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