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We prefer to assume that “God” is a benevolent, loving being who wants the best for us. Various religions and spiritual traditions teach that this world is a cosmic “schoolhouse” where our souls incarnate in order to learn lessons and evolve, and that we reap appropriate consequences for our Free Will actions.

The evidence, however, tells a different story … if we’re being honest about it. We can see that we live in a world where psychopaths and criminals prosper and thrive. Meanwhile good people, who want to live in Right Action and make this world a better place, only seem to reap misery, suffering and hardship in return for their well-meaning efforts. And this dynamic seems to be ramping up massively.

So, faced with this evidence, isn’t it reasonable to conclude that “God” is NOT loving and benevolent, but rather a sadistic entity which delights in presiding over pain and fear, and that this realm, rather than being a schoolhouse, is actually a spiritual torture chamber?

Tell me why I’m wrong, (but watch the video first):

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