As we hit the Summer Solstice and approach the mid-point of the calendar year, reflections on whether the incessant and ongoing fixation with “COVID-19” from the treasonous mainstream media is now providing a smokescreen for other events of huge magnitude, which are receiving no coverage at all, but which are world-changing in their nature; China, the British royal family, the legal cases against the US government, Cyrus Parsa’s legal cases against multiple parties, the Federal Reserve; Obama, Hillary. 
And the biggest question of all – is Donald Trump really conducting an all-out assault on the Deep State cabal while the world cowers in fear in masks and looks the other way? Is big change on the way, but not of the type the evildoers had planned?
Bishop Larry Gaiters with Pastor Scott Kesterson: The Most Incredible Military Operation In History Under The Cover of Covid
The People’s Brexit legal campaign: The Coronavirus Act 2020 is Null and Void.
Simon Dolan’s Legal Challenge to the UK Govt Lockdown:
Keep Britain Free, the new activism site connected to the Simon Dolan legal case:
US legal case: Cyrus Parsa/ The AI Organization vs Google and others.
Kate Bush’s ‘Cloudbusting’ video

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