Today is a momentous day on both sides of the Atlantic – a vote on further outrageous extensions to the treasonous C0r0n@v!ru$ Act 2020 in the UK, and an opportunity for the elect0r@l fr@ud to be exposed at C0ngre$$ in the US.

With Ch!ne$e-style C0mmun!$m waiting in the wings, the outcome of both events have far-reaching implications for all. Now would be a good time to pray for a Miracle.

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  1. I watched your video from New Years Eve. Given the fact that the Head of the Hydra is already cut, could it be that these country leaders (actors / clons) do all these lockdowns to u, to force more and more people to wake up? I mean, their arguments are so obviously silly, that it should be expected that thousands of people wake up every day. It looks to me that they do this on purpose. I wonder.

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