With the corporations unleashing ever more spirit-crushing mind-control music on the masses, (Azealia Banks, anyone?!), there’s never been a more fitting time for conscious, intelligent truth music as an antidote. Here, Mark Devlin collates another array of artists whose lyrics deal with different aspects of all that’s current and important in these incredible times – truth and consciousness, the global conspiracy, and the true nature of humanity.

Great, meaningful music and switched-on artists are still out there; you just have to know where to look!

The previous volumes in the series are still available on the Soundcloud page, (volume one 2011 is just short of 17,000 plays, so clearly there’s a major appetite!) and the Good Vibrations series of music-related interviews with relevant characters is also worth checking. As before, the lyrics to as many tracks as it was possible to find are included.

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