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Today’s peaceful protest in Leeds began the way these events always do – with a friendly vibe, a spirit of camaraderie, and with speakers and attendees merely asserting their natural, god-given rights and freedoms.

This wonderful atmosphere was shattered when the masked order-following goons waded in, unprovoked, and picked out three individuals to arrest, dishing out violence and emptying pepper spray on to those who came to their assistance. Absolutely disgusting, savage behaviour from those who are paid to supposedly ‘protect and serve’ the public, but who, in reality, are protecting and serving the paedophiles and satanists that run this world, whether they realise it or not. Is it really any wonder that the police have earned themselves nicknames like ‘pigs,’ ‘beasts’ and ‘the filth’ when this is how they treat peaceful people who have done no harm?

When they take off the uniform and badge at the end of their shift, these people become ordinary men and women, just like the rest of us. They have families and children, just like the rest of us. Unfortunately, they’re either too dumb to realise that they and their families are going to have to live in the dystopian nightmare society that could be completely prevented from coming in if they refused to enforce it – or they’ve simply decided that their paycheck is more important than everyone else’s freedoms.

There are only two sides in this. You’re either with the evildoers, or with the people. These thugs made it clear today where they stand … and it will be remembered.

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