I linked again with Alpa Soni for a candid and heartfelt chat about the arduous journey we’ve all been on for the past several months. 

As well as assessing the status of the general public’s attitudes compared with at the start of the Sc@mdem!c, we also consider some of the spiritual life lessons that C*v!d has had to teach us all.

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  1. Hi Mark, I am with Alpa….. we need to know how far the corruption goes and that is being exposed. You need to live in Somerset to see how deeply asleep the people are. I am literally the only person in the supermarket without a lanyard or mask, sometimes it is up to 5 people, go to Mere in Wiltshire and they are wearing masks around the streets. I know this sounds dismissively arrogant but when we moved to Somerset from London 25 years ago, we both felt this was a BEHIND THE TIMES world, it still is…….. we are working on a Stand in the Park in Shaftesbury though, on a key ley line, brilliant response and we still travel to LONDON….keep up the good work

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