Listen to “Mark Devlin guests on Michael Joseph’s Proud 2 Be Profane podcast” on Spreaker.

Michael Joseph is one of the most incisive and thorough researchers into occult influence on entertainment, and has just started a new, good-humoured podcast. I was very happy to be the second featured guest, as we took the opportunity for a conversation of almost two hours, getting into the whole area of hip-hop culture.

The chat kicks off examining the colossal influence that the teachings of the 5 Per Cent Nation, also known as Gods and Earths, have had on the scene since its inception. The 5 Per Cent Nation is a spin-off of the Nation of Islam, and there are mystical, metaphysical and spiritual overtones throughout. These have coloured the output of so many of hip-hop’s most prominent MCs, from Big Daddy Kane and Rakim, through Jay-Z and Nas, to Jay Electronica and Immortal Technique. We go places few researchers have ever gone, in asking why the doctrines of this group have become almost a de facto requirement towards success in the game.

Other subject areas discussed include the Afrika Bambaataa scandal, the Universal Zulu Nation, KRS One, the suspicious death of Prodigy, Biggie, Tupac and the East Coast/ West Coast beef of the mid-90s and much more. A part two of this conversation, taking things even further, is planned for very soon.

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