This was probably the most challenging interview I’ve done, with mainstream journalist Howard Hughes for his Unexplained podcast.

It reminded me of how easily you can slip into a comfort zone just talking with other people who understand truth, spirituality and the nature of conspiracy. It’s a different matter when you’re trying to get your points across to someone outside of that scene, and often objecting to what they hear because it’s uncomfortable. This is the REAL work that needs doing to get through to those not already on a truthful path!  I got thrown a fair few curveballs in a quickfire ‘Newsnight’ style.

These are edited excerpts from the interview, (dispensing with a lot of the stuff that I’ve already covered ample times in previous interviews.)

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  1. Hi Mark – look forward to checking out more of your research. Was introduced to you through Howard's show and it turned out to be the slightest of samples: the host was in the most combative of moods. Strange since Mr. Hughes usually is commendably even-handed regardless of the subject. I can only think some of the critiques hit too close to home . . . Peace!