I was very happy to return to the awesome THC again this month for another great chat with host Greg Carlwood. Here’s the full audio, and here’s what Greg had to say about it:

Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he welcomes back Mark Devlin, author of the massive all-encompassing bible on the crossroads of conspiracy and pop culture, his excellent work, Musical Truth. With several unexplored rabbit holes in this realm left over from his first appearance, Mark returns to pick up where he left off as we explore military intelligence Musical roots and Hollywood’s elite.

It’s no secret that most major industries that play a role in society serve some purpose for the string pullers:

The energy realm carefully keeps us on the resources that turn a profit, the education system is artfully crafted to keep most people at a level of mediocrity, and the entertainment world keeps us thoroughly distracted from reclaiming our own reality.

These are simply the tip of the iceberg, and many of these slices can be broken down even further.But as we’ve discovered, few get quite as weird and deep as the realm of Hollywoods elite and the music industry. With topics ranging from sacrifice and sorcery to psychedelics and Psy-ops, It’s a true cornucopia of conspiracy goodness ripe for the plundering.

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