I’m very happy to announce my involvement in the Flat Earth Europe convention, happening in Amsterdam in late September. 
Now … two important things before anyone gets triggered to reach for the Unfriend/ Block buttons, (and I wouldn’t even have to mention it if I didn’t know from experience that this scenario does regularly happen!)
First off, I will not be a speaker at this event. This is a subject area which interests me greatly, but I’m very far from an expert on it, so I prefer to absorb what other, more studied researchers have to offer. I will be DJing a conscious music set, similar to the one I just dropped at Anarchapulco, at the opening night party on the Friday.
Secondly, this is not a get-together for ‘flat earthers’ to socialise and all pat each other on the back. As the schedule indicates, a major part of the programme will involve professional, respectful debate between both heliocentrists and geocentrists, each putting forward their own points of view. This is no “CIA psy-op,” but rather a forum for open-minded discussion and reflection … which is what, as genuine seekers of truth and rejecters of lies and deception, we all say we want, right?
Speakers announced so far include Jeran Campanella, Roxanne Glen, Iru Landucci and Nathan Oakley, with more to be added soon. Patricia Steere is to act as MC for the open mic session, with comedy from Martin Liedtke. Hosts are Gary John and Didi Vann. Full details are on the URL link provided.
The Amsterdam event is preceded a couple of weeks earlier by another convention, this one held in Kidderminster, England. Full details of that one are on this same site too.

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