I can now announce that I will be one of the featured speakers at an all-day event taking place in New York City on Sunday 20th October. I’ll be presenting a talk titled Music’s Mind Control and Military Connections, with particular emphasis on some of the genres most closely associated with NYC, such as hip-hop. 

The event will also act as a premiere screening for the movie ‘Shoot The Moon’ produced by Crrow777 and Jason Lindgren. Jason will be present at the conference, and there’s a chance Crrow will be in attendance too. Crrow, Jason and Billy Ray Valentine discussed the event at some length in the first half of this recent TFR Live show – 

Other speakers include Wayne McRoy, talking about vaccine truth, and John Brisson addressing ’the Truther Industrial Complex.’ The event is being presented by Billy Ray Valentine, host of the excellent Infinite Fringe show on Truth Frequency Radio, and accompanying podcast, (which can be accessed here –

The venue will be 28 W. 31st St., which is in Midtown Manhattan. Other details, such as how to get advance tickets, will be forthcoming soon, In the meantime, if you’ll be in the New York area in October, mark the date in your diary, and we hope to see you in attendance at what should be one hell of a rewarding day.

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