Summer workers go to Ibiza for eight weeks, holidaymakers go for eight days. My annual trip to DJ at San Antonio’s Soul City generally involves me being on the island for just eight hours, and this was the case again on Wednesday 24th. This lunacy is purely down to the absurdly inconvenient flight times from London to Ibiza, all of which leave either at the crack of dawn, or last thing at night. I opted for the latter, the Easyjet out of Stansted, (thankfully less of a flying zoo than the one out of Luton the previous year.) The flight ended up being delayed by 80 minutes, diminishing my time on the White Isle still further. Truly a straight in, do the job, straight out affair.

For many years, Soul City has stood as Ibiza’s only venue offering across-the-board urban music every night of the Summer. This year they had some competition in the form of Twice As Nice’s new bar venue, further back in San An’s West End, which has adopted the same music policy. After Soul City owner Julian had driven me into town, I took a quick peek at TAN’s venue. Myself, the DJ and a solitary bar girl were the only people in the room. By all accounts the season has got off to a slow start for most Ibiza venues, (not that they’ll admit it publicly, of course,) no doubt brought about by the economic situation of the past few year eating into holiday budgets, and not helped by the fact that Ibiza is so damned expensive.

Back at Soul City, I took to the decks alongside new Summer resident Tommy Sparks and played from 3 to 5am, flitting through bassline, UK funky, bashment, Dirty South rollers and all points in between. The spot remained busy with a largely British crowd all the way til 6, and it ended up being the fun and fulfilling experience it always is. After a mere 90 minutes sleep and a snatched bread roll from the breakfast room I stumbled into a taxi back to the airport, heading home ready to play Izi in Witney on Thursday night.

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