Announcing the availability of my new book, ‘Musical Truth Volume 3.’ It’s available on Amazon at the link below, but I’m able to send out signed copies direct from here. Please e-mail to arrange.

Beyond completing the trilogy of books in this series exposing the true, controlled nature of the corporate music industry, this book also stands as an all-you-need-to-know guide for any “normie” who has yet to wake up to the truth of who really controls this world and what’s really going on beneath the veil of Convid.

It’s my hope that it will be gifted to any family member or friend who may yet become a new recruit to the side of Truth. We need the numbers, and, being that EVERYONE is interested in music of one kind or another, this book may just serve as the spark that sets off an awakening process.

Musical Truth Volume 3 on Amazon:

The Bernician’s latest article on his PCP case and his 21st December call to action is here:

The T-shirts and other merchandise from No Sheep Designs are here:

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