This is a letter sent by my Mum to her local newspaper. (As Tesco say, every little helps.) This Scamdemic has put her in full-on, all-guns-blazing Truther mode!

Certificate of Vaccination ID 19.

Does anything ring a bell about the above sentence? Could it possibly be that the Covid vaccine was alive and in waiting to aid the Scamdemic the world has had to endure this last awful year?

Actually, it isn’t a vaccine, it’s an “application”, as it hasn’t been tested for 9 years before being passed as safe. Does anyone take the trouble to find out exactly what’s in this “application”? If you’ve already had it, perhaps you shouldn’t look!

If you have some spare time, try looking up the word “virus” in the dictionary. You categorically can’t “catch” a virus!

Perhaps we’d better tell Boris before he looks a bumbling fool. Oh … too late!

From a weary group of Truthers who ARE firing on all their brain cells!

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  1. Wow Mark,

    Kudos to your mum, her letter is short, sharp and on-point. You must be so proud.

    My children (in their 30’s) just think I’m delusional.

    I don’t usually leave comments etc but I’m gradually moving out of my safety zone, thanks to you and others who are urging people to speak out.

    So keep up the good (albeit hard) work, you are making a difference.



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