How does MasterPeace nutraceutical work?

Harmful POSITIVELY-charged toxins, including heavy metals, graphene oxide, so-called “forever chemicals,” radioactive particles, nano-plastics, etc, take up residence in and around the tissues and cells in our body. Unfortunately, this is a modern-day fact of life and we are poisoned daily.

The good news, though, is that undigestible nanometer-sized zeolite, found in MasterPeace, is a safe NEGATIVELY-charged mineral that magnetically attracts and traps virtually all positively-charged toxins. The body then safely expels the Zeolite WITH the poisons and toxins attached – typically with few detox side-effects since the process is happening very subtly.

At the same time, MasterPeace replaces the heavy metals and toxins with nutrient-dense structured marine plasma. This combined formula goes through a high-level water structuring process which allows it to further resonate like a strong crystal, profoundly connecting MasterPeace even further to holistic principles and the energy all around us.

Zeolites are able to help decalcify the pineal gland.

MasterPeace is available worldwide and is sent from the USA. No taxes, (including VAT) are applied to the sale value. For the time being, an extra bottle will be added to every order – even if just for one bottle – shipped to countries outside of the USA, even if just an order for one bottle, making it incredible value.

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