As our overlords and their bagmen throw us a few scraps from their banquet table and start to “allow” us few of our freedoms back, there’s a danger that the public will be so relieved at being “allowed” out again that the outrageous transgressions of the psychopathic maniacs behind the Scamdemic will be forgotten and forgiven. 

This must NEVER be allowed to happen. Natural Law Consequentialism MUST take effect, and they ALL must be held FULLY accountable for their crimes of Fraud, Treason, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, not to mention the affront to Creation itself. We must do everything in our power to assist that dynamic into being. There can be NO forgiveness for the immeasurable harm, loss and misery that these demons have caused. Their fate must serve as an example to any future would-be dominators that this is what happens to them when natural justice takes effect.


In this brief video, Georgia Pouliquen interviews Trevor Banks, the brother of Lynda Thyer, whose GcMAF trial in Paris is forthcoming. For background, follow @UK Column reporting and read and

Further details on the World Resistance Day events on 20th March are here:

More on the Stand in the Park initiative here:

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  1. Have lost connections to family members and friends (including a marriage split) trying to waken them up to the tyranny since March 2020. Managed to convince one brother with another still not sure!
    Have made myself ill in the process. I’ve never ‘masked up’ in supermarkets and shops.
    Thank you Mark for verbally expressing the disgust and anger I have towards these psychopaths and their criminal puppets in politics, police, medicine and media. We should never forget or forgive the individuals that have caused or aided and abetted this evil on the people.

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