With even my replacement channel now up to two strikes and another ban, my days on YouTube have clearly come to an end. the censorship is now ridiculous, with any deviation from ANY mainstream narrative – not just the obvious ones – getting videos taken down. So it’s a big fat ‘fuck you’ to the demon freak ghouls at Google.

From now on I’ll be treating my Odysee channel as my primary platform. Fortunately, this channel pulled across all the content from my original YouTube one before it was deleted, so all my content going back to 2008 survives here. I’ve not encountered any censorship issues with new uploads and, for me, one of the most attractive qualities of Odysee is that, unlike any other platform, it allows for the downloading of videos.


In the words of Gerry & The Pacemakers, “so, I’ll continue to say. Here’s where I always must stay.”

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