Good Vibrations

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Good Vibrations is Mark Devlin’s regular podcast of conversations with free-thinking individuals on wide-ranging crucial topics about the true nature of reality, encompassing the subjects of truth, conspiracy, spirituality, consciousness, mind-control, social-engineering, and much more. The show began in late 2011 with David Icke as the first guest.

The Sound of Freedom

The Sound of Freedom is Mark Devlin’s regular showcase of conscious music. Its content stands as the very antithesis of the dumbed-down, spirit-crushing output of the corporate industry, instead giving airtime to meaningful message-music, from free-spirited and wildly creative artists. Besides offerings from the hip-hop, reggae and soulful groove genres, each show includes the Truth Trip – songs from decades past whose lyrics remain as potent today as on the day they were first written.

Mark Devlin’s Radio Interviews

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This is a full archive of all my radio and podcast interviews on truth/ conspiracy/ consciousness subjects from 2012 onwards. Most are long-format chats of one or two hours. The shows from 2015 onwards focus on subjects covered in Volumes 1 and 2 of my book Musical Truth.

The Sound of Now

The Sound of Now is a weekly showcase of new soulful, uplifting, and occasionally disco-inspired House music, always intended to uplift and inspire the soul, particularly in dark and challenging times. Hour 1 consists of a mix collated by host Mark Devlin. Hour 2 features a guest DJ in the mix in a similar style.