Straight from the heart and the soul to the screen. No-holds-barred thoughts on the compliant, ignorant, sheep-like behaviour of the slave class, and how this dynamic is actually the main threat to the natural-born rights and freedoms of everyone else. For this reason it’s NOT OK for the masses to remain in this state, because it’s leading to direct harm and loss. I’m beyond caring who might get upset at this cold, harsh TRUTH by this point.
Warning: Explicit language contained

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  1. Mark, I came here to leave a comment after watching your video on YouTube.
    Well done mate, well done. I couldn't agree more. You have a right to be fuckin' angry and so am I.
    I salute you for standing up and telling it like it is.

  2. well spoken mark i found out the truth 15 years ago regarding the earth is flat not a ball i read books on it got in freands with eric dubay i all so no the govermemts are liers they lied about the earth saying it was a globe and its not its flat and they still lieing now regarding this fake virus i lost freands and famliy like my brother and mum tyring to say this virus is all fake and that the govermemts are brain washing the public they told me i was crakers and mad i all so work for the NHS I HATE IT becouse of the lies you cant trust eneybody now

  3. It's all madness, these maniacs enforcing this bollocks must be relishing how easy the population are manipulated.

    I had a follow up appointment yesterday at near empty hospital, I wasn't asked to wear a silly mask which is supposed to be essential.

    It's disgusting that the UK media can justify a daily non-stop barrage of unquestionable clap-trap. They don't foresee much hope for mankind. Top of the pile for indoctrination has to be our 'beloved' BBC, by allowing Mr William Gates (health expert) to spout his ideology on a large scale. He is only a front person to deep nefarious associations.

  4. Hi again Mark. Thank you for this latest piece to camera. I spoke to a friend (of 40 years!) last night and he buys the whole thing, rolling up his sleeve ready for the vacc – and I thought he was intelligent. He gave me short shrift. On a hopeful note a famous snooker player(Peter Ebdon) has spoken out about the unfounded psychological pressure being put on people and this interview was on bbc I think? Regards, J

  5. Its hard to have faith, but people are starting to wake up.. years ago we went over the top into no-mans land ,,Today we need another form of bravery ,, to go against everyone in your family , to hold on to what you know to be true ,,and speak it to everyone and anyone, and to mail bomb those corrupt puppets who think they serve the people ,, tis where I store things I find out ,,,, keep up the good work

  6. Once again Mark, your words are mine exactly!
    The majority of mask wearing idiots are women between the ages of 40 and 60, usually fat, unhealthy, and many of them are angry dykes. At least where I live.
    I will not back down from these people if need be, whether they need a good slap upside the head or a punch.
    Your BBC is as bad as the CBC, all touting communism without anyone realizing it.

  7. Have to say this to someone Mark. Just had my first taste of nastiness from a neighbor who told me I'd better wear a mask if I could out to which I replied, I'm not wearing a fucking mask. She berated me for 5 minutes and then hung up the phone.

    I immediately wrote her a message to keep the peace (we are in a rural area) I would bring the mask with me when I go out. It is not much fun to be enemies with a neighbor who lives close by. I didn't know what else to do.

    I'm so angry at myself for caving and for even telling her that I was going out (this is after leaving a message to you about giving a good slap upside the head.) But now I know that even in rural areas, there are many many Karens. Oh, and she's a 60 year old bitch and won't hang clothes out on a clothesline because her clothes might get the virus…

    I cannot believe what is happening. People are going insane, and I think we'll see nothing but schizophrenics in a short time.